Some progress with Face Cap

Recently Jimmy Gunawan from Blender Sushi posted an amazing video showing a first success with Face Cap and M.O.M v0.17. For that he used the new multi-routing option allowing to easily create 52 routes connected to the same number of shape keys of his 3D model.  

M.O.M version 0.17

Last version was a bit flawed, I'm afraid. Single properties were not processed correctly any more. This regression was introduced during the multi routes implementation. It's OK now.

M.O.M version 0.16

I am happy to announce another new release, still trying to improve the OSC support. Last time changes were not enough I am afraid for a very confortable use and this version should really work better. Notably now the server will retry automatically on a failed attempt. 

M.O.M version 0.15

First and foremost, I would like to thank the generous donators for helping the project.

EEVEE, some news...

After a long hiatus, I am happy to announce that the successor of AddMIDI and AddOSC for Blender 2.8 is slowly but surely coming to fruition (as a good tomato from the garden, I hope). Work started a few months ago and the general idea was to make the Add-on robuster and easier to use, and this with a general code base that can handle several protocols. Currently only OSC and MIDI are supported, and tests are made to control Blender remotely from an all new shiny Android/IOS application.