Some progress with Face Cap


Recently Jimmy Gunawan from Blender Sushi posted an amazing video showing a first success with Face Cap and M.O.M v0.17. For that he used the new multi-routing option allowing to easily create 52 routes connected to the same number of shape keys of his 3D model.  

Face Cap is an IOS application from Bannaflak for iPhone X and iPad Pro, using the built-in Face ID scanner. The performance of the whole system (Apple device -> WIFI -> M.O.M) seems to be reactive enough, with little lag most of the time if the EEVEE viewport settings are kept on some reasonable settings.

I cannot be happier to see M.O.M already handling this complex scenario ! However there are some improvements to be done, notably by offering direct convertion of the angular values from degree to radian (Animation Node was used in the test) and may be some better management of the overflow situations.

Current rating: 5


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