M.O.M v0.25

It might be a little late but I wish all you an happy new year. I would like to thank the donators for their support and the early adopters who spend time to test and report bugs. I am very fortunate as well to receive emails from advanced users with some very interesting projects and ideas about using OSC, MIDI and such.   

First release of Blemote for Android (v0.1) !

I can't believe it myself ! After all the time where "More" was a fancy concept, it means now at last something. 

M.O.M version 0.24

This version is necessary to run Blemote. There is no other change, so if you are not interested in trying the android application, you can pass this release. Link is in the documentation (on the right menu), as usual, in the Download section. 

M.O.M version 0.23

Here we go again with a new version of MIDI, OSC and More. :)

Searching for a new name...

I would like to rename "MIDI, OSC and More" in favor of something catchier and shorter. While I am a great fan of Alien (1979) by Ridley Scott, I am not sure that M.O.M ("mom" being used for mummy in the USA) is a great idea. Yep, remember in that movie, the artificial intelligence computer mainframe aboard the USCSS Nostromo was called Mother (derived from MU/TH/UR 6000).