AddRoutes v0.28

Here is another release. Two little features were added to convert text files as keyframes.  

AddRoutes v0.27

Another release, mostly some bug fixes but there is a new feature: import/export of routes. This one has always been demanded and indeed can be quite useful. It will work on the selected category, so put your routes into one.     

AddRoutes now on GitHub

Here is the link:

AddRoutes v0.26 + Blemote v0.2

After quite a long time fighting with bugs, I am happy to release the new version of M.O.M under it's new name. Yes, it's official ! AddRoutes is now the official name of the project, and inherits of the versioning.

M.O.M v0.25

It might be a little late but I wish all you an happy new year. I would like to thank the donators for their support and the early adopters who spend time to test and report bugs. I am very fortunate as well to receive emails from advanced users with some very interesting projects and ideas about using OSC, MIDI and such.