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Taking some vacation

Hi, I am leaving today for a week or so. I have been developing MIDI, OSC and More for several months in a row without interruption, the summer is almost gone and it's time for a little break. I seize the occasion to do a road-trip in bicycle in the middle of France (in the Limousin region) to enjoy the calm and the beauty of the nature. I don't forget you, there is a new version 0.20 at the same time to try (use the usual link in the documentation). I hope that it will keep you busy in the meanwhile, now that annoying bugs are less and less frequent (I hope !).

M.O.M v0.20 (TouchOSC fix)

In this new version, a fix for empty messages like "/ping" (without a payload). Indeed there are cases where it can happens, it's the case with TouchOSC, which sends some "/page" message like that, when you switch the screens in the application. I decided to make the Add-on able to use theses messages by substituting the null list received with a 0 value (may change in the future), but what matters is that now the Add-on doesn't "crash" anymore (thanks to Jimmy Gunawan from Blender Sushi for notifying me).

M.O.M v0.19 (Win10 reconnect fix)

Hi, Thanks to a recent bug report, a specific network problem affecting Windows users has been discovered. The server would connect fine the first time but changing port or disabling it temporarily would lead to an error in the console.  I was fortunatly able to reproduce the error under Linux while using a win64 version of Blender 2.8  with W.I.N.E. This new version (download link in the doc is updated) solves this issue but there is no other improvement. So there is no need to update if you are not under Windows (OSX users should not be concerned too).   

M.O.M version 0.18

Hi, this release is special because it represents a milestone in the development of M.O.M. After many little bug fixes, it seems that the Add-on is less unstable and probably ready for a "wider" audience (of testers). So I am going to share the download link from now on (please see the Download paragraph of the doc page on the right menu). Be aware it's still in developement !





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