M.O.M version 0.18


Hi, this release is special because it represents a milestone in the development of M.O.M. After many little bug fixes, it seems that the Add-on is less unstable and probably ready for a "wider" audience (of testers). So I am going to share the download link from now on (please see the Download paragraph of the doc page on the right menu). Be aware it's still in developement !

What's new in this version, and what is so special ? I improved the OSC client/server code to solve a few issues (like the alert mode being CPU intensive). We can now send/receive strings for Enum properties (most of the drop down list menus in the UI).

The MIDI users can even send/receive theses properties but using a number instead of a key word. [1]

The other main improvement is the new button 'Degree' to convert angular values when you select a property having a special flag internally (like rotation_euler or for setting the cone light of a spot). As you know, they are internally treated in radian, which is not what most users expect. It will be useful for Face Cap as well.

Note [1]: The "Render Engine" Scene setting, while being an Enum property, suffers currently from an anomality and cannot be changed using a MIDI route.   

Current rating: 5


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