AddRoutes v0.27

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Another release, mostly some bug fixes but there is a new feature: import/export of routes. This one has always been demanded and indeed can be quite useful. It will work on the selected category, so put your routes into one.     

Quoting the ChangeLog: 

-Blemote: bug fix to handle scene change
-Blemote: now respond when launched after Blender
-MIDI: rework of the Load/Parse operator to present a file browser
-Tools: Import/Export of categories
-Tools: some try/catch blocks to handle deprecated properties
-Removing of the improper polling function for "Create realtime route"

What's in the radar for the next release ?

First and foremost, I would like to make a release each week as there are now a lot of small tweaks to do. But I want to offer the possibility to have default MIDI/OSC settings at the Add-on level, they could be overridden by the project settings. But that way, people wanting to control the UI from a MIDI device (for instance) will have their knobs and sliders responding on all their files (if system routes are used in conjunction) immediately.  

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tutu 1 year, 6 months ago

very nice

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