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After a long hiatus, I am happy to announce that the successor of AddMIDI and AddOSC for Blender 2.8 is slowly but surely coming to fruition (as a good tomato from the garden, I hope). Work started a few months ago and the general idea was to make the Add-on robuster and easier to use, and this with a general code base that can handle several protocols. Currently only OSC and MIDI are supported, and tests are made to control Blender remotely from an all new shiny Android/IOS application. 

I am hesitating currently to release publicly the new Add-on (code name: MIDI, OSC and more) as it still a W.I.P despite being quite usable. It has its quirks and some corner cases might appear during use. But if you are interested in testing a pre-release, please send me a message. 


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Leonard Hehlen 4 years ago

Hi man, thank's a lot for your service, that would be amazing to be able to test this new add on for you.
I'm trying to use EEVEE as a real time motion tracking renderer for projection mapping, and I absolutely need midi control to do so.
Again, thank you infinitely for working on this addon.

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