M.O.M version 0.23

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Here we go again with a new version of MIDI, OSC and More. :)

I hadn't much time to work on the Android application. Instead, I implemented a new tools section and fixed a few bugs.

So what is this tools section about ? The main function for now is to create and manage some categories of routes. Each route has consequently a new parameter to assign it to a category.

What can we do then ? If you have plenty of routes you can now display only the ones belonging to a specific category. Another feature is that you can copy a whole category of routes to another scene.

It's now as possible as well to clone individually a route with the "+" icon, found on the top right of each route.

For the OSC users, the big news is the new actualization mode "expression". This feature was first introduced for MIDI routes in the previous release and allows to do various operations on incoming data. Note that Numpy (a python scientific module) is exposed thru the "np" prefix which is handy to deal with various kind of arrays. More in the documentation.

Still concerning OSC, It's now possible to send data with multi routes.

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jetset 4 years, 2 months ago

This is awesome, Thank you

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