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It might be a little late but I wish all you an happy new year. I would like to thank the donators for their support and the early adopters who spend time to test and report bugs. I am very fortunate as well to receive emails from advanced users with some very interesting projects and ideas about using OSC, MIDI and such.   

So here is another version of M.O.M, I still haven't decided for the new name of the project. Some suggestions, like AddRoute, are inspiring. Anyway, what's new ?

This release fixes a regression preventing to send string messages with OSC. It's now possible again to change Enum properties, and name of objects remotely. But the main change is about Blemote support. It's not an obligation anymore to use a previous OSC or MIDI route to be able to have a slider in the application. There a new specific choice of "engine" for Blemote, that way people not interested in OSC or MIDI will be able to create many sliders more straightforwardly. 

Blemote v0.1 can be used with M.O.M v0.25 as this change doesn't impact it. I will however try to improve it further as it is a very young application and support for categories would be great, for avoiding too many sliders on the screen.    

The link, as always is in the download section of the M.O.M documentation (on the right menu)

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Asgaurd 3 years, 11 months ago

This is looking great but can you please do a simple tutorial video , of just 1 midi note animating the propertys of a cube, so I can understand how the route thing works better please.

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JPfeP 3 years, 11 months ago

Indeed, It would be nice. I want to make some for a long time, but have been always in a hurry to make new releases... I will try in the coming weeks.

In the meanwhile you might try one of the example for the multirouting (search for that paragraph here):


Just configure your input midi device, and you will be able to move (silently) the keys in the viewport.

I agree it's not an easy starting point, But from then understanding the non multi routes is possible.



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