M.O.M v0.22, improved Midifile conversion

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At last, I can release the new version of MIDI, OSC and More, this was not expected to be so long and complex !

Here is the main news, it's now possible to apply an envelope on F-Curves representing notes to add some realism. You will better understand the point when testing the updated Midifile example showing a piano playing. With the new options (basically a pre-attack and release envelope), the movement of the keys is more realistic.

But it's not all. The conversion is now more accurate (no frame quantification) and faster, and an offset allows to choose the frame where to start inserting the F-curves.

Still on the MIDI side, the "rescale" feature has been reworked with some new modes I am detailing in the documentation. And there is now a drop down menu to choose different way to actualize the Blender property. I admit this menu is still experimental and may change. It will be probably extended to OSC in the next version.

As always, the updated link is on the documentation (look for the Download chapter) on the right menu, you will find as well the Midifile example in the conversion chapter.


Note: before installing the new version, you might want to note on a paper the old min/max values of the MIDI routes in your projects, because the rescale feature doesn't use the same properties, and you will have to restore them manually on the Blender Low/High line, using the Auto mode in order to get the same behaviour as before.  

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Mitch 3 years, 10 months ago

For no particular reason this add-on popped into my head a couple minutes ago. Awesome to see a new release just two minutes ago! Thank you for all your hard work!

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