M.O.M v0.21


After a bike ride of 700km in 18 days, and some time to rest, here is the version 0.21 of MIDI, OSC and More (link in the doc).

What's new ? Mostly, I have rewritten the actualization code of the routes, when receiving events, in order to improve speed. It should scale better now when many routes are used (specially multi ones).

A happy consequence is that now keyframe insertion of nested properties (like the ones of bones, or shapekeys) works straightforwardly. I just discovered by chance that the stable version of Blender was less picky about the data-paths than it was the case with the betas.

At last, there is a new little button on the right of the MIDI input port selector to enable the debug/monitoring of MIDI input events in the console.

I intend to release another version relatively rapidly, may be next week, with small improvements in the user interface. Then, I will work more seriously on the Android app.

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Andy 4 years, 4 months ago

Hello! I hope you had a good break!

I am at a point not where I am doing the music parts of my animation. So I thought I would download the latest version. But I can't a find where they are! It says 'link in the document' but so far, I can't find any reference to a document or any links :) Will keep looking.

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Chris 4 years, 4 months ago

Hey, this is huge.
Midi driven data in Blender opens many doors in terms of realism of played instruments in animations. Thank you for your time and for tackling this!

best regards,

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