M.O.M v0.20 (TouchOSC fix)


In this new version, a fix for empty messages like "/ping" (without a payload). Indeed there are cases where it can happens, it's the case with TouchOSC, which sends some "/page" message like that, when you switch the screens in the application. I decided to make the Add-on able to use theses messages by substituting the null list received with a 0 value (may change in the future), but what matters is that now the Add-on doesn't "crash" anymore (thanks to Jimmy Gunawan from Blender Sushi for notifying me).

On the MIDI front, it has always been tedious to post-edit the conversion of a midifile. This version includes a new option to insert initialization value for note events (note-on only right now) to avoid the drawback of "extrapolation" of key frames. I edited the documentation to explain that a bit better. You will find as well an example file to download to show the whole process.

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