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After some testing with Django-CMS I have finally chosen Mezzanine for this site. Both are CMS based on the web framework Django. The reason of this choice is that I wanted a dynamic site but was not interested in PHP. Soon enough I heard about Django which is written in Python. Since Blender, one of my beloved tool, uses Python for scripting it was a rather logical choice.

Unfortunatly I had not the time to build myself a site from scratch so my strategy has been so far to adopt a CMS based on Django. Less hassles and yet the customisation possibilities remain. Mezzanine is a little more ready-to-go, yet may be less complete or advanced than Django-CMS. Anyway, I am so far pleased with my choice. 

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iinet 6 years, 2 months ago

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Lisa 4 years, 2 months ago

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Angela Fisher 1 year ago

Tenetur ex doloribus

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thanks 1 year ago

thanks for this blog

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Zorita Ferguson 8 months ago

Ut pariatur Consequ

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