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M.O.M version 0.15

First and foremost, I would like to thank the generous donators for helping the project.

EEVEE, some news...

After a long hiatus, I am happy to announce that the successor of AddMIDI and AddOSC for Blender 2.8 is slowly but surely coming to fruition (as a good tomato from the garden, I hope). Work started a few months ago and the general idea was to make the Add-on robuster and easier to use, and this with a general code base that can handle several protocols. Currently only OSC and MIDI are supported, and tests are made to control Blender remotely from an all new shiny Android/IOS application. 

First official release of AddOSC for Blender

At last, after quite some work and polishing, I am happy to release AddOSC publicly. This new version is safer concerning network security and contains a few handy features. For instance you can now pick easily the address of the last OSC message received by Blender to quickly associate a property to it. There are some monitoring facilities too, in order to make troubleshooting easier when you are trying to connect softwares together. 

First release of AddMIDI for Blender

Well, at last, I can release a first version of this Add-on which has matured slowly with a few others. Indeed, this one has a twin brother called AddOSC that I intend to release in September.

PHP ? No Thanks !

After some testing with Django-CMS I have finally chosen Mezzanine for this site. Both are CMS based on the web framework Django. The reason of this choice is that I wanted a dynamic site but was not interested in PHP. Soon enough I heard about Django which is written in Python. Since Blender, one of my beloved tool, uses Python for scripting it was a rather logical choice.





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