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M.O.M v0.19 (Win10 reconnect fix)

Hi, Thanks to a recent bug report, a specific network problem affecting Windows users has been discovered. The server would connect fine the first time but changing port or disabling it temporarily would lead to an error in the console.  I was fortunatly able to reproduce the error under Linux while using a win64 version of Blender 2.8  with W.I.N.E. This new version (download link in the doc is updated) solves this issue but there is no other improvement. So there is no need to update if you are not under Windows (OSX users should not be concerned too).   

M.O.M version 0.18

Hi, this release is special because it represents a milestone in the development of M.O.M. After many little bug fixes, it seems that the Add-on is less unstable and probably ready for a "wider" audience (of testers). So I am going to share the download link from now on (please see the Download paragraph of the doc page on the right menu). Be aware it's still in developement !

Some progress with Face Cap

Recently Jimmy Gunawan from Blender Sushi posted an amazing video showing a first success with Face Cap and M.O.M v0.17. For that he used the new multi-routing option allowing to easily create 52 routes connected to the same number of shape keys of his 3D model.  

M.O.M version 0.17

Last version was a bit flawed, I'm afraid. Single properties were not processed correctly any more. This regression was introduced during the multi routes implementation. It's OK now.

M.O.M version 0.16

I am happy to announce another new release, still trying to improve the OSC support. Last time changes were not enough I am afraid for a very confortable use and this version should really work better. Notably now the server will retry automatically on a failed attempt. 





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