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After a longer break than expected, here is another version of AddRoutes !

As new users wonder sometimes if their MIDI or OSC connection works or not, I decided to improve the accessibility of the "Debug" facility. In the past this feature required to start Blender from the command shell terminal to see the messages in the console. That's no something users do very often. So I searched an alternative allowing to have these messages directly in Blender. It appeared harder than expected as Blender doesn't refresh much the GUI when processing is done via python.

So I found empirically that using the text editor was doing the job. There is now a new option in the Add-On settings to copy the console debug messages in the text editor (a new text file is automatically created at the first event occurring and is named 'AddRoutes: Debug in/out'). So this file is updated in realtime if you open it in the text editor, and this avoid the refresh lag problem of the other displays (like the INFO window).  Note that the order is inverted (recent messages are always on top). 

I made other small improvements concerning the Debug feature. Now the reports can be time stamped (another option in the Preferences) and Blemote incoming messages can be debugged too (see the Blemote doc page).

Still on the Blemote subject, since it is not always easy to know the IP that the Blender PC obtains on the local network shared with the Android smartphone or tablet, I added a small button to get the possible IP's in the INFO window (again, see the Blemote doc). 

The version has always is available thru the Download section of the main page, or use this link

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