AddRoutes v0.26 + Blemote v0.2


After quite a long time fighting with bugs, I am happy to release the new version of M.O.M under it's new name. Yes, it's official ! AddRoutes is now the official name of the project, and inherits of the versioning.

Note: If you upgrade from M.O.M, uninstall it first. AddRoutes, once installed, is then plenty compatible and you will be able to find back your routes under the new Add-on. 

So what's new since 2 months ? Plenty of things...

For AddRoutes:

1) There is a new kind of routes which are permanent, called system routes. It's intended mostly for people wanting to control the user interface rather than the 3D scene. Theses routes can use "bpy.context" to target selected objects and such. 

I admit theses are a little bit experimental and we will see if it turns to be solid and reliable. 

To make such a wonder happens, it was needed to offer as well the possibility to use python to evaluate a route. So this feature had to be added and it can benefit as well to the normal project routes.

2) The routes layout has been reworked. It's still a bit a work in progress. But as the documentation explains it, there are 3 distinct sections to organize better the parameters.

3) The main tab panel has been divided in 2 tabs (one for the MIDI/OSC settings, one for the routes)

4) Some settings to fine tune the refresh rate of the engines and the number of processed events are available in the preferences. This seems needed for user of FaceCap as the default settings seemingly were unadapted.

5) Some bugs have been squashed to prevent bugs when changing scenes, and while sending.

For Blemote: 

The big change is the support of categories which is handy when many sliders need to be displayed.

Another little handy change is it was difficult to know the IP of the Android device on the local network. So now the Add-on can automatically get it from the app. You just have to know the IP of the Blender PC on your local network, which is most of the time not very difficult (specially if you define a static address). 

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